Big Slab

The Big-slab sod harvester is specially developed to sell sods for medium sized projects and the marketing of your top quality turf. Excellent speed and efficiency in cutting, transporting and placing the sods with a minimum of effort. Laying the slabs becomes 3x faster than with normal rolls and hardly any stooping, so the person who places the sod really appreciates this. There are 80% less seams and on the placed slabs can be played sports almost immediately. This properties make the slabs ideal for repairing and placing sport fields. The special thing about this sod harvester is that the sod is not rolled but folded like chain paper. The thickness of the sod is automatically measured and adjusted by an own developed computer system with several sensors and actuators. This computer system also controls the length of the slab. The slabs can be cut and placed on a standard pallet in 1200, 1000 width and a total maximum length of 60 meter. Two times half of this size is possible with a middle disc coulter. The cutting capacity is 1800 m2 a hour. The slabs can be placed with a special developed transporter. The TP 800 (see products). For small gardens the hand lorry (see products) can be convenient too.

The professional horticulturist chooses your company for this sods!
– Placing 60 m2 in 5 minutes
– No lifting at all.
– From small projects (50 m2) to football fields
– 2000 Km transport when temperature controlled



The cutter head of the Big Slab is the same as in the big tick (schematic drawing nr. 1,2 and 3). Strong cutting blade and sharp edges due to the coulter discs. The soil is leveled by the heavy frame weight and solid press roll. A middle disc coulter can split the slab in two parts. The thickness of the sod is adjusted with the automatic thickness control (img. Big Slab automatic thickness control). The high quality transporter belts transports the sod upwards (schematic drawing nr. 4). The slabs are automatically cut at the desired length by the cut off unit (schematic drawing nr. 5) (img. Big Slab cut off unit). The moving arm folds the sod on a pallet like a chain paper without the need of a person (schematic drawing nr. 6). The forklift lowers the pallet with the slab on the ground and a new pallet can be placed (img. Big Slab with pallet). The square stacks enlarge transport efficiency. The tractor is still available for other jobs. Placing the slabs can be done in several ways, depending on the size of the job (img. placing slabs; placing double slabs)

Cutting width: Maximum 1,2 meter (48″)
Cutting length: Computer controlled length ( 1 – 60 mtr) (3 -200 yards)
Stack total on 1 pallet: Up to 91 m2 (100 square yards)
Capacity: 1800 m2/hour (2200 square yards/ hour)
Transport width: (W x H x L = 5,6 x 2,4 x 5,4 m (8,5 x 8 x 18 ft)
Cutter head: Removable Big Tick TM with electrical depth control
Hydraulics: PTO driven four stage independent pump assembly, total flow rate approximately 220 liter/ min. (50 gallon / min.)
Required Tractor: Two wheel driven tractor with a minimum of 60 HP and one single acting hydraulic plug.

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