Big Tick

Durable, heavy weight & solid design.

The Big Tick is the best and most economical solution for harvesting high quality big rolls. Due to the high weight frame and solid (pressure) roll, the soil will be levelled out while harvesting. The Big Tick incorporates a free floating mount with a three point hitch to the tractor. The roll has coulter discs on each end ensuring clean cuts. Also an adjustable coulter disc can be mounted in front of the roll to change the cutting width. This liftable (middle) coulter disc can split the rolls in half. A hydraulically controlled clamp holds a pipe where the sod will be rolled on. The Big Tick has a heavy duty gearbox and top quality bearings for all rotating parts. The Big Tick is standard equipped with an electrical depth adjustment.

-Top quality strong cutting knife.
-Heavyweight frame and solid pressure roll: level out soil while harvesting.
-Comes standard with electrical thickness control.
-Middle coulter disc for splitting roll width in half.
-Manual adjustable depth control for rough adjustments and global setting.


Cutting width: 48″ (2 x 24″) or 40″ (2 x 20″)
Capacity: Up to 40 meters length (approx. 50 yards)
Weight:  Approximately 1100 kg
Crankshaft: Hardened steel, balanced for smooth operation.
Drive system: P.T.O. driven
Required tractor: 2 – or 4-wheel driven tractor, 40 Hp minimum, category II, three point hitch
Depth control: Electrical

-Electronic adjustable roll length.


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