About us

Turf Tick Products BV develops and sells sod harvesters and grass related support machines.

The company originated from a sod farm, building improved sod related machines for its own internal use. The machine production for commercial use started in 1988 by Johan van Vuuren. Johan started building machines on special request for other sod farms. His machines were revolutionary, way ahead of the competition. A couple of years later the product line covered a broad range of equipment, all related for use at sod farms. After demonstrating our machines in 1990 in Northern America, Turf Tick Products BV was established in the world market. Ever since we received wide recognition for technological innovations introduced by us.

Due the prior history and experiences from a sod farm, our machines are known as highly reliable and durable products. No wonder our products have led their way to many countries nowadays. The company has evolved and many people are involved in designing and producing the machines.

Turf Tick Products BV is specialized in supplying equipment to be used in sod production and installation. Not only do we cover the European market, we also have dealers in Turkey and Australia.