The Shattuck STE 5021 mower means more production per hour o high acreage mowing. Its 50 foot construction cuts up to 250 acres a day and requires only a 42 HP tractor. With this , 1 man and 1 tractor can do the work of two men, two tractors, two mowers and more. The 5021 is durable with heavy duty reels to ensure dependability year after year. Its unique construction allows weight distribution over its entire area to reduce turf compacting and decrease the possibility of ruts in damp ground. The 5021 is easy to maneuver with a zero turning radius and a pivoting frame. This mower is designed to back up with ease in mowing or towing position. Floating mowers adjust to match unleveled terrain and the positive belt lock system will not disengage or slip even over rugged ground or heavy mowing conditions. The PTP drive allows the selection of reel speed to adapt to specific cutting needs and blades adjust to a variety of mowing heights. Increase your mowing productivity with a Shattuck mower.

Advantages with cutting:
– up to 15 mtr wide
– Easy to transport lengthwise

-Easy transport lengthwise
-Positive belt lock system
-Heavy duty reel construction
-Power take off drive
-Zero turning radius
-Pivoting frame

shattuk 06.png

shattuk 02.PNG

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