Universal Autostacker

The ultimate, one-man turf harvesting machine.

Compact, proven, universal, economically and durable! The Turf Tick ‘Universal Stacker’ is produces 40 cm (16”) rolls. it uses a 3 roll gripper to stack rolls. The gripper is fully programmable to stack 1, 2 or 3 rolls at a time. Therefore all pallet sizes (1.20m x 1.20m | 1.20m x 1.00m | 1.20m x 0.80 m Europallet) are stackable. Automated stacking made affordable for everyone, ideal for companies with up to 75 hectares with a daily capacity of approximately 6000 – 7000 m2.

The ultimate, one-man turf harvesting machine.
-Simple, durable & reliable concept.
-Suitable for pallet sizes: 48”x48” (120×120 cm), 48”x40” (120×100 cm) & euro pallet (120×80 cm).
-Required tractor: 4 wheel drive tractor, 75 HP minimum. Nearly all brands are compatible. Contact us for more specific information.
-Options: electronic adjustable roll length, new cutting knife system with coulter discs on main roll, pallet injector, front brush, autosteer & more.





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